Nordland Premium

A.LeCoq Non – Alco Ipa, by Volfas Engelman We shot stills of A.LeCoq Non – Alco beer. We chose a marine theme for this project. We used the model of an ancient ship. By using several different colors, we tried to create the impression of a sunset. The general color range of the photo perfectly…

Nordland Premium

Volfas Engelman Non Alco Hoppiness Juicy Ale We shot stills of Non Alco Hoppiness Juicy Ale. For this photo shoot, we combined two colors that perfectly reflect the packaging and add a summer taste. Client Bold Brands Agency Product Volfas Engelman Year 2022  

Saulės Midus

Saulės Midus Mead Another beverage shoot for – @saulesmidus_lt “Saulės Midus” produces mead only from honey collected in its apiary, dandelion flowers blooming in flooded meadows near the apiary, and berry juice collected in the surrounding villages. Rediscover the world’s long-forgotten oldest drink. Client Saulės Midus Year 2022  

Stumbras Mandarin Gin

STUMBRAS MANDARIN GIN Hand Crafted Limited edition – only for special people Unique packaging made by BoldBrandsAgnecy. It is limited edition Gin made for MV Group clientele as a christmas gift. Our task was to photograph stills which best describes unique packaging and taste of gin. Client Bold Brands Agency Year 2022  


NoAGE Men Anti-ageing Lumis shot stills of NoAGE anti-ageing product. Together with Aurimas Šidiškis stills and motion was made for new product advertising campaign. Client NoAGE Year 2021  

Rinkuškiai Wheat Radler

Rinkuškiai Wheat Radler Grapefruit taste Lumis shot stills of this drink mainly for light learning purposes. Main goal was to manage reflections to get as clean shot as possible straight from camera. Falling fruits added some dynamic for this shot. It was last minute call to add grapefruit at that moment it was somewhere around…