ID.COLOR Nail polish Lumis shot stills of nail polish mainly for testing and learning purposes. True colour of product was hardest part to show. Coloured gels was used on background for better colour visualisation. Client Lumis Year 2021  


NoAGE Men Anti-ageing Lumis shot stills of NoAGE anti-ageing product. Together with Aurimas Šidiškis stills and motion was made for new product advertising campaign. Client NoAGE Year 2021  

Rinkuškiai Wheat Radler

Rinkuškiai Wheat Radler Grapefruit taste Lumis shot stills of this drink mainly for light learning purposes. Main goal was to manage reflections to get as clean shot as possible straight from camera. Falling fruits added some dynamic for this shot. It was last minute call to add grapefruit at that moment it was somewhere around…